Why Not Indulge in a Nice and Warm Bath?

bathing-918720_640When you first think of taking a bath, you think about getting clean. But you might shrug off the idea because a shower is faster and more convenient. However, did you know that there are other reasons to bathe? One of such reasons is for relaxation. Taking a warm bath can be a great way to reduce stress.

So, how does soaking in a tub help you to relax? Well, soaking in a nice warm bath can offer physical benefits, like relaxing tense muscles and providing pain relief. When your body is physically relaxed, it’s easier for your mind to follow. So if you want your stress to go away, you should take a warm bath frequently (doing so is easy if you have the best tankless water heater).

But besides being a cleaning process and a de-stressing tool, a nice hot bath is a self-indulgent experience. There are other elements you can add to make it your favorite guilty pleasure. A nice glass of wine, perhaps. You can also add candles. If you’re going to be too worried about causing a fire, then just buy the false tea light candles. They flicker just the same, but there’s no real flame. This can give you the illusion of a nice candlelit bath, without any of the worry whatsoever.

You can also light an incense if you’d like a nice aroma. Sandalwood is one of the most calming scents. Or you may prefer something like vanilla or strawberry. When you’re taking a bath with the aim of relaxing, you want to target your five senses, allowing each of them to enjoy the experience. Incense indulges your nose, candles mesmerize your eyes, and wine tickles your taste buds.

If you want to trigger your sense of touch, a good idea is to add bubbles. This gives texture to your bath and will help your skin feel smooth. And as for triggering your sense of hearing, the best way is with background music. For some people, relaxing involves a nice tranquil sound, similar to white noise (for example, the sounds of the ocean or the pitter patter of a heart beat). Let’s be realistic though, you’re more likely to download an application. Or you could put on your favorite band (like what I do).

A hot bath is more than just about cleaning – it’s about you. It’s about feeling good and indulging in life’s simple pleasures – because life is too short to not enjoy it. So the next time you jump into the bathroom for a shower, throw yourself into the tub instead. And oh, throw in the other good stuffs too.

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