Acoustic Guitar Pickup Reviews

I know, it’s been a long while since I last posted anything new here. I’ve been indulging too much in the niceties of life that I’ve neglected a few things like this blog. Among of such niceties is the acoustic pickup which I’ve been messing around with lately. And so, to resurrect this blog from the dead (around Halloween nonetheless), I am sharing acoustic guitar pickup reviews here. Head to GLM also for acoustic guitar pickups that are not included in this post.

Having a pickup on your acoustic guitar enables you to amplify your sound without being in front of a mic. Generally speaking, there are 3 types to choose from: soundhole pickups, soundboard transducers and under-saddle piezos. The latter is often integrated into a majority of affordable electric-acoustic guitars. Each of those types delivers a unique tone, so test to know the one that suits you best. Below, I share a couple of my favorite types, brands and models.

Seymour Duncan Woody

Because of its relatively low price and the different finishes available, the Seymour Duncan Woody is still popular. Furthermore, the passive pickup isn’t hard to fit in most acoustic guitars. It can be had in 3 versions: the humbucker HC SA-3HC, the single coil SA-3SC, and the XL SA-3XL (whose pole pieces are adjustable).

AER AK 15 Plus

The AK 15 Plus is a pickup that is two-way and is blendable. It has an electric condenser mic and an under-saddle piezo pickup, contained in a tiny foam stuff that sits inside the guitar’s back. It also has a preamp, with a mic blend and two volume thumbwheels. These features enable you to tweak the hi-fi sound of the AK 15 Plus.

Shadow SH 145 Prestige

The German-made Shadow SH 145 Prestige is a soundhole active pickup that features a humbucker design with pole pieces that are adjustable. That lets you get a pure, even tone by enabling you to adjust the balance among the outputs of individual strings. Furthermore, it’s not hard to install and is available in black or titanium finishes.

There you go — a few quick acoustic guitar pickup reviews just to bring some noise back into this blog. In the past, I also blogged about guitars and they would likely work well with the pickups above. You might want to check them out too. Anyway, that’s about it for now and I hope that I get to post more articles in the future.

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